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SR 16 newbie questions
« on: December 18, 2021, 04:23:36 PM »
Hi everyone.

Even if I 'm a quite experienced vst programmer etc. on pc with several virtual drum sets, and I've been the owner of some good drum machines in the past (dr. rhythm 550, r 8 mk2, rx 21) I'm new to the SR 16 world - a friend gave it to me in really great condition.
Miidi works well, buttons function as they should, so everything is fine with it. The overall volume is a bit weak and the lack of headphone out is a minus but still it's a nice little machine. I like its classic early 90s sound and personality. I have other much more advanced vsts for realism or real classic electro sounds etc.
I've got some questions and I think your community includes the most experienced users of this cool machine, so you may be able to help.

Since I have the first (older generation) edition of SR 16, is there any way to upgrade the firmware without buying chips etc? I found some bin files but I don't know what their use could be.

Is there any editor that you recommend? I found a freeware. Is it good? I also have access to midi quest (which apparently includes an sr 16  editor) but i can't make it work with it.

Is there a special precedure for sysex dump (I'm just pressing backup through midi and then I press play)?

What software do you recommend for sysex load and save? Midi Ox? Any sysex files available out there (patterns etc)?

Any standard software (addictive drums 2, bfd etc.) full set (extended) drum maps for it ?

If you can give me some advice I would be grateful.
Thanks in advance.