Author Topic: Alesis SR-18: How to revert drum set changes  (Read 44 times)

Alesis SR-18: How to revert drum set changes
« on: May 01, 2021, 01:30:01 PM »
When I change a user drum set on my Alesis SR-18, the indicator "DRUMSET EDITED" is shown to indicate that I need to save my changes or they will be lost.

How do I revert (i.e. discard) any changes in this mode? Page 29 of the reference manual states "Also, remember that if you change Patterns before saving your Drum Set, all of your edits will be lost" but I can't figure how to do this. The only way I've found to discard edits is to turn the device off and on again, but this is inconvenient since it takes a few seconds for the device to boot up. Can somebody share the precise steps I can follow to discard drum set changes without power-cycling the device?