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Strike Module User Kit and User Sample Load Times
« on: February 20, 2021, 05:08:11 PM »
I bought an Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Drum Kit in Mar 2019. From the word go I had problems with it. It was delivered with a Hi Hat Contoller bolt stuck inside it and that meant a complete kit swap. The new kit arrived and I started to configure user kits using my own samples but ran out of storage space. I deleted a user sample and was unable to release the space. Being new to using the kit I assumed that I must be doing something wrong so carried out a Factory Reset. However I again ended up in the same position. I was also having trouble with using the "edge" spots on all the cymbals. I contacted Alesis and then emails started going backwards and forwards with no satisfactory results. A request by me to swap the module was apparently something that they could do as also was my request to bring my module to them for testing. What I was asked to do was to document and photograph all the steps I was taking along with screen shots as apparemtly "they had never ever seen this before". I did not do this and carried on using the kit as best I could.
In the meantime I have bought a new, old stock, SampleRack Module, a Roland TM-2 and 4 Roland BT-1s and have achieved a decent DM10 MKII Pro/SampleRack/TM-2 hybrid kit. I also have bought an Alesis DM HAT Open/Closed Hi Hat Pedal and an Alesis DMPad 12" Dual Zone Crash Cymbal which I use as a Hi Hat on my right side and use the original Single Zone Hi Hat on my left side. With cable splitters I can, for various user kits, achieve what I want to do. Using midi cables I have DM10 MKII Pro User Kit 30 configured to play SampleRack User Kits and SampleRack Kit 10 configured to play DM10 MKII Pro User Kits.
My problems now are firstly one of volume - It is not easy, if not impossible, for me to achieve a good balance of sound when playing a set and secondly the amount of time it takes for User Kits and User Samples to load to the SampleRack when changing SampleRack Kits is too long.
So I am now considering buying a Strike Module.
Can anybody tell me what problems I may encounter when using my DM10 MKII Pro pads/triggers with a Strike Drum Module.
Also can anyone give me an indication of how long it takes when loading/changing Strike Module User Kits and their relevant Samples from the SD Card.
Apologies for the length of this post and thanks for reading it.
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