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Quick Quizzy Query
« on: February 18, 2021, 12:07:44 PM »
Hey All,

Enjoying my new (old?) DM8 Pro kit.  My first drum kit, and will probably end up being my only drum kit as I'm primarily a home basher with no pretensions of playing in front of anyone.  Having said that it's fun sometimes to ditch the headphones and listen to the drums over an amp.  For that I have a bass combo I've been using, but the sounds through the amp appear much weaker and less defined than using the headphones.  I'm using the Left channel out into the amp input.  Is there a better way to connect up the module to an amp to get a rounder more full sound?  The bass drum especially is very weak.


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Re: Quick Quizzy Query
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Do you have a small mixer? Maybe if you route the drums through it first, boost the EQ where you want to add some gain, then out to the amp? I'm no amp expert so have no idea how a Bass setup works, but it helps me pre-PA speakers to add some boom or hi-end when I go with external audio.
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Re: Quick Quizzy Query
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Hey AlanK,

Thanks for the suggestion.  I've no mixer ... at the moment ... but may look into that as an option.  I have a Focusrite Gen3 which I've hooked up to a laptop with Waveform installed as I'm going to have a go at recording.  I had a brief play with DrumPro but some of the sounds from that are a bit rubbish, especially the kick.

Ultimate goal is to become a one man band (Just for fun mind you!) and have a bash at composing.  I've been mucking about with guitars for years, got a reasonable selection garnered over the last 50 years or so.  The drums are a new passion as I'd always wanted to have a go, and retirement seemed a good opportunity.  I also puddle with the keyboard so with a DAW on my laptop I can play about with multitracking to my hearts content.  Should be fun!!

Recording the drums will probably end up with me hooking up the headphone out direct to the Focusrite as the sound through the headphones seems the best quality.