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Replacement parts
« on: January 14, 2021, 01:35:02 PM »
Does anyone know what the part of the trigger is called? And does anyone know where I can buy a few? The other picture are my thoughts on the engineering, fabrication, and quality control of the DM10 kick drum expressed through my 9mm rounds @1062 F.P.S.
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Re: Replacement parts
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Are you referring to the jack? Just a 1/4" panel mount audio jack.

I have trouble finding those kind but here is one. Don't need TRS for a bass drum but, w/e.
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Re: Replacement parts
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The circuit board was put on by Alesis as the signal was too hot with the piezo being so close to the Mylar are not going to find them with a board unless you contact Alesis directly... most users removed the board after doing a mesh conversion as the piezo sits deeper in the shell.
The jacks are available at a number of places..determine if you need 3 pin (single zone) or 4 pin (dual zone)
Check the body dimensions...there were some red ones that are for Roland and others
Then google or search Amazon or ebay Amazon for uxcell Audio 6.35mm 1/4 Inch Jack Panel Mount PCB Connectors.
There are other companies but the uxcell were for the most part a match.

The kick tower that was destroyed was a waste...those were the type where you could simply replace with another Tom..including 8"..10"..and 12" in a matter of a few minutes.
The newer towers you can't , you're stuck with 8"