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DM10 MKii Pro Cymbal inputs
« on: January 08, 2021, 10:24:19 AM »
I recently got an Alesis DM10 MKii Pro and the cymbals have two inputs.  On one of the inputs the prior owner had a blank plugged into it (no cable, just a terminated jack), and the other one has the cable plugged into it.  I can't find much info on this.  Will this still allow the cymbals to be dual zone?  Is there supposed to be another jack plugged into this (connected to the module)?  Thanks for any information on this.

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Re: DM10 MKii Pro Cymbal inputs
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The jack with the blank plug would be used to connect a second cable making it a triple zone cymbal, bow, edge, & bell when using it as a ride cymbal.

The Original DM module & Strike module would use 2 cables for this, other mid level modules may not have the firmware or second cable.

If using it as a crash and only one cable, it is a dual zone edge & bow