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Running two modules on strike pro
« on: December 22, 2020, 09:13:17 AM »
I would like to make my strike kit match my favorite acoustic kit which is impossible without adding another module and I'm curious if anyone else has pared two modules. I only need 4 more ports to do this and Amazon has the Surge module for 100.00 bucks but I found a gently used TD17 module locally for 300.00.
Thoughts or suggestions

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Re: Running two modules on strike pro
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What is your sound source? Meaning, are you just using the sounds in the module or are you running VST?

If you are just using the sounds within the module, this is easy. You just need a small mixer to run the output of both modules together.

It's a little trickier if you are running VST. Mainly because you need to have a good understanding of Midi and there is two main ways to go about it. But, basically it would look like this:

1) If the VST can recognize two different USB midi sources at the same time (this would be the easiest VST way), then you just connect up the two module and map the sounds you want. Just make sure you are using different midi note numbers on your second module so it doesn't interfere with the first module.

2) If your VST only recognizes one USB midi source, then you will have to run one module's midi out to the other module's midi in (again make sure your midi note numbers in module two are different from what you are using in module one). Then you will have to set the master module's midi out to "Thru". This way midi is being sent for both modules via the master module and the computer only sees one midi source.
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Re: Running two modules on strike pro
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Currently just using the module no VST and already a small mixer. This morning a complete TD9 kit popped up on CL for 400.00. Im not a fan of the wiring harness but from what I've read the module is pretty solid. Im slowly upgrading the stock cymbals with roland so the used kit might be a good deal.
Thanks for your input Hellfire. I actually reached out to you a few years ago when i first bought the Strike pro kit and was on the verge returning it due to the hi hats and 3 broken center pad plates i had went through. You gave me some great info on the hi hats and I was able to get them working quite well.