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Rocking from Las Vegas, NV
« on: October 06, 2020, 12:30:08 PM »
Greeting from Area 51, I guess you can call me intermediate. Im self taught (ive taken maybe 5-6 classes throughout the years)  &  I've been playing off and on for maybe 1-2years. started on acoustic, just got a Alesis Surge kit to help keep the wife and neighbors happy on this damn covid lockdown.

loving that I can play any hour of the day and I've bene using the learning modules a lot and really helping pull my timing and technical touch down.. staying in that pocket... its also gave me the opportunity to showcase w/ the acoustic what I've learned on electric and work on finesse.

where's all the Vegas head bangers, lets rock?

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Re: Rocking from Las Vegas, NV
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You're halfway to Neil Peart's roundabout setup there.. are those two kits on an electric turntable so you can spin your throne around and face the audience (in the doorway)? ;) looks good!
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