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Life long ambition
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From the State that scorches
And mountains soar!
I get behind the kit and you're begging for more
Searchin the desert
For a bassist that's funky
Who got down in the day
To b-boys brass monkey.
Find my posse
Take the world by storm
A 50 thousand crowd will be the norm.
If your in the land of the saguaro
Not just a prophecy my glooooor
Will be upheld.

Hi my name is Daniel Reaney and I'm what happens when your mother says that the only instrument you can play is the one that doesn't make any sound. Got older, screwed up, got kicked in the balls by life a few times. Bounced off rock bottom a lived. Eventually, finally became successful at removing my head from my own ass. Blinded by seeing daylight for the first time, it was time for some adulting. I had Found my beautiful bride, best friend and mother of my beautiful little girl who looks just like her mother. That wife bought me alesis dm10 studio kit for my 40th birthday.
3 years later...

It has taken a long time, but I can finally call myself a drummer. I hope I make some music that you can all lay back and let music to take away the world's angst. Music to obtain serenity. ].
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