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Alesis Crimson DUAL ZONE Hi Hat
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I had some time today to go back and go through a checklist I have for some of the modules.
One of the things I had noticed was the DD650 (COMMAND/CRIMSON/II/DM10 MKII Studio/FORGE)
DB25 Harness has a TRS cable for the Hi Hat...

After some experimenting with the module I have left (Crimson) it does in fact have a dual zone Hi Hat..Bow... and there is an Edge ..



The Hi Hat Combinations and other samples assign to the Edge..
The tricky part is finding/triggering the Edge..There isn't a standard sensitivity setting for the Edge
There is a Rim Sensitivity setting like you would find for the Toms. When you do trigger it...Factory default is at 1.

To trigger the Edge easier and increase the sensitivity so it triggers and appears normally in the menus for adjustments.. go into the Hi Hat (BOW) settings..reduce the sensitivity to 1...(1 is the lowest setting..there isn't "zero".)

BOW Settings

Strike the Edge zone you will see the Hi Hat Edge appear in the Menu..
Increase the Rim Sensitivity..

EDGE Settings

After increasing the Rim Sensitivity for the EDGE you can go back and raise the sensitivity on the BOW.
I do not know if all the modules have dual zone Hi Hat capabilities.I have sold all the DD650 series I had except the Crimson.
I presume Crimson and above..Crimson II..DM10 MKII Studio would have it since they are next in the heirarchy of kits.

To check your module..
See if the Hi Hat cable is TRS...(from my understanding all the harness are the same...firmware is the difference.)
Connect a dual zone cymbal ,Adjust the Hi Hat Sensitivity to 1...strike the Edge and see if the Edge pops up on the screen.

The Crimson Hi Hat uses the "10" Cymbal Single Zone"..I tested with the "10" Cymbal with Choke" and it triggered.
I also tested a Strike Hi Hat and later on will try the complete STRIKE Hi Hat setup... 

After some quick testing..the STRIKE HI Hat does work and better than expected.
The HH TRS cable from the DB25 Harness is short so you may want to consider an extension cable because of the extra length needed to route up through the bottom cymbal to the jack on the top cymbal.Depends on where you locate the Hi Hat stand.
The top cymbal must not rest on the spring...
If it rests on the spring you lose some of the transition (open close) and features such as bark/chick/splash.
Set 1/2-5/8" between top/bottom cymbals and everything works.

I setup a Triple Zone 14" STRIKE Hi Hat (another post..another time) with the Crimson rack which are smaller..
I had room but access to the module was tight..12" Hi Hat and stand may work fine.
The additional weight of the 14" may also be why the Cymbal cannot rest on the spring for this module and takes it out of range
since the STRIKE Hi Hat is FSR.

I'll set it up with a 12" and see if it makes a difference..

EDIT #2:
Checked and it still requires the cymbal not rest on the spring or it will not splash/chick properly

EDIT #3:
Added MIDI Mapping

Alesis Crimson User Guide pg 9

Hi-Hat Open          46
Hi-Hat Closed        42
Hi-Hat pedal          44
Splash                  21

Alesis Crimson DUAL ZONE HI HAT
Hi-Hat Open            46
Hi-hat Edge Open    26
Hi-Hat Closed          42
Hi-hat Edge Closed  22
Hi-Hat pedal            44
Splash                    21

The Crimson II and DM10 MKII Studio MIDI Map WILL be different as the open-close is tied to one note..8..
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