Author Topic: DM10 vs. DM10 MKII Pro Module comparison/opinion  (Read 223 times)

DM10 vs. DM10 MKII Pro Module comparison/opinion
« on: July 13, 2020, 01:09:48 AM »
Hey all - I'd appreciate some opinions here, or if there's an existing thread already please post the link.....

I'm buying a used kit and narrowed it down to:  DM10 MKII Pro $1000, and a DM10 Studio Mesh $850 - all other features being pretty equal, price diff is pretty negligible.  Both kits are in great shape and have same mesh head sizes - 12"snare 10",10",12",12" toms.  Double base pedal, & remote hi hat.

The MODULE is my hangup - The older kit has the original DM10 Module, the other is the newest DM10 MKII Pro Module. Usually it's a smart move to go with the most updated module you can get, but really I love the faders/slider controls on the original DM10.  Anyone else made that switch and is happy with the decision?  Or am I perfectly fine sticking with the older module an being happy with its features?

Thanks for any advice!