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DM10 MKII PRO CC Control Messages from Realhat Pedal
« on: June 21, 2020, 06:52:59 PM »
I just ordered the DM10 MKII pro and expecting delivery in around a week from now. But eager to know many things. I blindly went for this kit, thinking it is an improved version of the previous gen DM10s but I kind of have a feeling now that I was wrong and the previous gen DM10s are now remodelled as STRIKE is what it feels like. This is my fear after ordering.

I just need an answer for a simple thing to have consolation that at least this basic thing is available in the new version DM10 MKII. And if this is there, I think, I will be very relieved.

And about me, I don't play gigs or outdoors. With this new product, I am only planning to record with the DM10 MKII PRO and I also DO NOT use module sounds as I already play thru SUPERIOR DRUMMER 3 VST and that is what I'm planning to use for the sounds.

So, Does the Alesis DM10 MKII PRO module output CC#4 or Continuous/Variable HiHat pedal signals via USB? I know the previous gen DM10 Pro or the X modules does it (as per the enclosed YOUTUBE video link below). But do the MK2 do it as well?

The old DM10 can send NOTE + CC message from the DM10 module: (watch Hi Hat triggering options or setup between : 0.40 to 0.55 of the video)
I very badly require the realhat pedal in the MKII to also send continuous/variable MIDI messages between 0 to 127 + the HHPad hit note to seamlessly work with a VST like Superior Drummer 3 and have a very natural feel to playing as many of us would yearn too.
So, does the MK2 have a similar trigger setup screens like the old DM10s for the HiHat where it sends pedal output(continuous message of CC#4) and also pad output (notes- 2 zones tip and edge) via USB?

Anybody who already has the new DM10 MKII Pro or Studio, please do let me know or please post pictures or screenshots from the module's trigger configuration screens especially the Hi Hat and Hi Hat Pedal or realhat controller trigger setup screens.

Even the medium range Rolands like the TD-9 does this and sends continuous HH Controller messages (even the module's screen will precisely show the level of openess of the pedal when pressed or depressed) and with a monster tool like Superior Drummer you can have around 25 articulations from the hi hat with a MIDI information like this.
Similarly, if the Alesis DM10 MKII Pro can send CC#4 messages + with the HH pad's note that would give really a very natural way of playing the drum kit.
I again, do know that DM10 MKII Pro has a edge and tip zone dual HH pad which is great- So with these 2 zone pads + CC#4, i can almost get 18+ articulations out of Superior Drummer if everything works for me as expected.

And needless to say, when the Hihat is sounding so natural, the whole kit would sound natural too. Hope you all agree too?

So any ideas or any help on this regard is much appreciated. Thanks a lot!!! and very sorry guys for the long question :-)