Author Topic: Upgrading DM6 with Real Feel triggers or Nitro Mesh Heads - is it possible?  (Read 339 times)

Hi all,

Sorry for no doubt repeating a topic that has been asked before (I did try searching but sorry if I missed a thread on this) - I am a new drummer (I'm actually a bass player) and have been teaching myself drums for about a year or so. Finally started looking into upgrading my DM6 kit with something a little bit more realistic and was wondering if anyone could advise regarding possibly upgrading the snare and kick drum.
First of all I wondered if the DM10 kick tower would work as a replacement for the rubber kick drum pad on the DM6?
And also if the Nitro mesh snare is compatible with the DM6 module as a swap for the rubber snare drum?
Failing this, does anyone have any recommendations for a Roland mesh snare that would work with the DM6 module?

Hugely grateful for any help and advice offered and, again, apologies if this has already been asked or I've posted in the wrong place.
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I don't see why it can't work.
i replaced the rubber snare on my dm6 to an 8" mesh dual zone pad and it functioned.

i updated to a dm10 module after that.

i didn't have a kick tower....