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Idea for DIY cymbal
« on: May 18, 2020, 09:00:31 AM »

I’m in the process of doing a full A2E conversion, just got cheap £50 kit off EBay along with a 2nd hand DM10 for the module.

All the conversion of the kit is very straight forward and there is tried and tested methods in doing this and many different options.

I’ve been looking into converting some low volume cymbals, I’m no electrician so I’m looking at the easiest way to do this.

My idea was to get a pick up transducer with two piezos attached, cut one piezo off and solder it to a choke strip for crashes ( myrk choke strip )

My idea for a triple zone would be a double piezo transducer , with one piezo cut off and a bell membrane soldered on( myrk ), then a single piezo transducer , with the piezo cut off and a choke strip soldered on.

Now these are guitar pick ups, would this actually work ?
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Re: Idea for DIY cymbal
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I know this is old as the hills, but whatever became of your DIY cymbals? How did they work out?