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   I'm close to pulling the trigger on the DM10 MKII kit and just had some questions.  First, I've read several posts on various sites of people having problems with the wires (under the pad) breaking and or coming loose. Is this still an ongoing problem?  2nd, can I just purchase any hi hat stand and mount the hi hat cymbals onto it?  3rd, can a third crash be added to the module (I've been playing a long time and I'd like to get the electronic kit set up the closest I can to what I'm used to)?  4th, I've also read that use of a double pedal isn't possible because of the trigger being dead center and very small? If some of you could answer some or all of these, I'd greatly appreciate it!  Thanks in advance, Larry

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  Wow, nobody knows the answer to those questions??? Ok then

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From what I have read, save your money!
Too many breakdowns inside the pads, the plate over the piezo breaks the wires.
Sweetwater has the Strike going a for a few hundreds more, a lot cheaper than before now that the Strike pro SE came out.
I think you would be happier getting something nice you can play for a while rather than worrying what will break next.

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  Thanks for the reply Danny. Yea, since this post I have decided to save up a few more dollars and get the Strike Pro SE. Looking very forward to it.

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I think you will be happier in the long run and that is when you do your best playing !!