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Alesis DM10 Modul
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i have a Problem with my drummachine...DM10. Following informations:
- it is the dark Grey module

if i copy a kit, it works, to store and after Restart of the module, the saved kit is there (e.g. Kit 62 copy to 101).
BUT, if i want an Instrument to copy (e.g. Snare Rim from Kit 62 to Snare Head on Kit 101), after reboot the Instrument is gone, not saved.. Even Level which was changed from Level 80 on the Hi Hat to Level 65, after reboot, the Change is not stored. I did follow the steps to store the Instrument, for sure….so this should not be the Problem.

Add data:
- I had still the oldest Version on Software, so I made updates on this as well. Even after the updates, no Change!
- Following Software i have:
o   Trig OS: V1.01a
o   Sound Rom: V1.03
o   Sound OS: V 1.00q

The bad Thing is that the boot sys file was not possible to update. It came Always the failure "boot block protected"... Maybe this is also important, but also here the OLD Software was installed and also did not work…

Does anybody know what the issue might be? Thanks for all the help i get… :)

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Re: Alesis DM10 Modul
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Did you go to the setting where it allows you to make changes? I forget where it is at the moment, but it's in the manual as the first thing you should do to be able to make changes and save them beyond the session.. just a thought
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Re: Alesis DM10 Modul
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This was copied and pasted from page 2 of the manual and I think it is what Alan was referring to.

Out of the box, the DM10 module is write-protected, so you will be unable
to save any changes you make to the Kits, Instruments, Sequences, etc.
To turn write protection off:
1. Press UTILITY.
2. Press SYS (F4).
3. Press O/S (F3).
4. Press MEM (F4).
5. Press VALUE DOWN or move the VALUE DIAL counterclockwise
until the "WriteProt" field says "OFF."
6. Press DRUM KIT to return to the main page.

Hope this helps.