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After several months with my new Alesis kit, I am really satisfied with the product; especially compared with my older Roland set. Getting into developing several "user" kits has been interesting and I now have my own unique and much customized kit that (to my ears) replicates the Ludwig / Slingerland / Zildgain acoustic set of my youth.

However, I am not happy with the hi-hat. With recommendation from Kraft Music and some research, I purchased a Gibraltar 5707 Medium Weight Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand with my Strike order.

The Alesis kit came with the usual dual hi-hat cymbals. Straight out of the box was a nightmare; double triggering, a ridiculous hi-hat voice, terrible response when struck in the closed position, etc.

Thanks to this and other sites, I removed the donut pad under the bottom cymbal, adjusted the distance to 1-1/2" between cymbals and adjusted the triggers, voices, and tones.

Now, the sound is OK so long as I don't allow the cymbals to travel to the fully opened position, the play is acceptable.

However, when playing continuous quarter notes (btw, the mark of a good drummer) I must keep the cymbals from fully opening; if not, I get a "ghost" note occurring at the "up" position.

Looking thru the opening between the two cymbals, I see the spring oscillating, contracting and expanding. That seems to be the problem, the spring, pressing on the cymbals like a slinky, is triggering the extra note.


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Is there a way you can dampen the spring oscillation?

In the past when I've had to dampen a spring I would just place a piece of foam on the inside of it. It acts as a shock absorber.

Hope that helps.

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