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New Alesis DM-10 user - Mesh head conversion
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Played drums many years ago in bands, sold my kit probably 20 years ago. Now, at age 60, I had a hankering to play again but didn't want to get a "noisy" standard kit. Tried out some e-drums at a music store and thought that would work. The sounds have gotten really good over the years. Last time I played a set of e-drums they sounded like, well, electronic drums.

Found a used DM-10 studio set and had it shipped to Kansas. The triggers were the mylar head version. The drums played like cardboard boxes and, even though I set them up in the basement, they still gave off enough sound that the wife wasn't terribly pleased. Researched the mesh conversion and decided the 682 conversion was the most appealing. Looked simple enough but I wasn't too keen on on the price and there didn't appear to be a kit that matched what I needed.

So, I bought the 3 ply mesh heads off e-bay and made the cones myself and also the paper inserts from white posterboard (to hide the innards), and I could not be happier with the result. The drums play like real drums and are virtually silent. I had to make no changes to the trigger settings.

Here's a pic of an extra cone. They are made from packing foam that I adhered to a 1" wood dowel and then using a 2" sander formed the cone by hand. Carefully cut them off the dowel and stuck them to the piezos with some double-sided craft tape.

Wanted a bigger target on the last tom so I found a used 10" trigger pad on e-bay. Also got another mounting arm to mount the now extra 8" pad for other sounds.
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Re: New Alesis DM-10 user - Mesh head conversion
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Welcome aboard!

I'll have to look into why your pics are not showing.


I just had a look at your images. They look to be on a google account of some kind. Even when I'm logged in I still can't see your images. You should be able to upload the image on alesisDrummer. I would try to make sure your images aren't more than 1 meg in size.

I hope that helps. Again, welcome to the forum!
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Re: New Alesis DM-10 user - Mesh head conversion
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The images were showing up when I first made the post, now not. Loaded them to alesisdrummer as you suggested. Thanks.