Author Topic: Olivier, DM10 pro owner for 2 years. Hi from France !  (Read 350 times)

Olivier, DM10 pro owner for 2 years. Hi from France !
« on: January 15, 2020, 01:15:28 PM »
Hi everybody, I'm Olivier, strat player and singer since the 80's, I've always played in bands so I have some very small abilities to play bass here and batt there and I came to battery more seriously 2 year's ago, for fun during gigs with good friends.
I've always wanted play battery one day, as many guitarists for what I know, but as I was living in Paris that was not that simple.
Came back to country side (Marais Poitevin for those who know ...), live in my rehersal home with all the backline, 2 Yamaha DXR12, one sub Yam DXS 15, 2 Berhinger eurolive B210 for drum feedback and I got a used DM10 pro for 400, put a 682 mesh kit on it and began to tweak the beast.
I play it on addictive drums too, plug and play the sounds are really much better than the DM10 module but the module is not so bad with a lot of time and tweaking.
This Dm 10 sounds really good on this system
Thanx to all the amazing tips that make DM10 be so cool to play, I'm ve been reading here and tweaking for 2 days and the DM10 is really much more realistic to play now.
As my english is not really fluent, I think I won't post a lot and much of the questions I have, some people post them before but it's a pleasure to read all of you guys.