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How many e-drum kits have you owned/still have?
« on: January 07, 2020, 10:00:57 AM »
Just over 2 years ago I started with an Alesis DM10.  A few months later I purchased a Alesis USB Studio kit ( I need a replacement cymbal and back up kick drum).  About 9 months later I purchased a DM8 for more cymbals and larger tom pads and a backup brain for playing out.  This kit also had a hi-hat pro which was a nice add.

Then a DM10X came along with 2 modules and a ridiculously cheap price and a chrome rack.  So I bought that as well. 

Less than 2 years after the first DM10 kit I bought a Strike Pro, and now 2 years 3 months after my first kit, I'm purchasing my second Strike kit this weekend.

In case you are wondering why,  the answer is simple.  I wanted to get a 2 quality kits that were near identical and not spend a fortune.

When all is said and done I estimate that it will cost me under $2k for 2 strike pro kits (minus the strike cymbals) and a full set of A to E cymbals (2 x 14" crash, 1 x 10" splash, 16" china, 18" crash, 18" ride).

I've been parting out pieces of the old kits little by little and at present I've reclaimed 75% of the money I spent on the first 4 kits and probably have only sold off 30-35% of them.

*** I forgot to mention that all of my kits I've purchased were used and I have had good luck so far except for 1 failed cymbal which I fixed and 2 failed kick drums, one which I have repaired***
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Re: How many e-drum kits have you owned/still have?
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"How many e-drum kits have you owned/still have?"

Too many!

A lot of my stuff is/was DIY. Not much of a resale value. I've owned stuff from Alesis, Roland, (new) Simmons, Alternatemode, HartDynamics, Pintech, and Yamaha.
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Re: How many e-drum kits have you owned/still have?
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I bought a Roland TD-6 in 2001.  It was my first edrum kit, and actually the first kit I owned myself.  I learned on a friend's acoustic kit.

I played at home, jamming with a friend or two from time to time, but mostly for my own enjoyment.

I lost that kit in a house fire in May of 2008.  My wife surprised me with another TD-6 (this one had the updated module and mesh snare) about two months after that.  I played that one, again mostly at home for my own enjoyment, until I bought my Alesis DM10 in February of 2016.  I had joined a band in July of '15, and after our first couple of party gigs, I made the upgrade.  I still have the TD-6, and I lowered all the pads to make it more easily playable by my 3-year old son.

The band's activity picked up, so my DM10 really got broken in quickly.  I gigged with it regularly until I bought my Strike Pro in February of 2018.  I keep my DM10 at our practice space so I only have to transport the Strike for gigs.

I'm just starting to get into the DIY world.  I've upgraded my kit, but nothing DIY yet.  I added the mesh snare from my TD-6, as well as two more toms and a Gen16 hi-hat.  I'm still pursuing the A2E cymbal project and some lighting effects.  It's been a slow process, but hopefully it will pick up soon!! :)


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Re: How many e-drum kits have you owned/still have?
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I have owned 5.
 I currently still have 2 acoustics (a 7 piece with 9 cymbals and a 5 piece with 6 cymbals) and an electronic, Roland TD-11 with 7 cymbals.

Re: How many e-drum kits have you owned/still have?
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Does Rock Band count? Hahaha.
My Alesis Crimson is the first drum kit I ever bought, acoustic or electronic.
Bought it because I was having a blast playing Rock Band with friends and I would always hog the drums.
They really grabbed hold of me. I even bought the cymbals add-on for Rock Band lol.

I did an A2E conversion recently but still utilizing the Crimson cymbals and module.
Got my eye on a Strike module right now though.

So I guess right now it's like 1.5 kits.
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