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New DM10 X Owner
« on: December 06, 2019, 07:03:06 PM »
Thanks for the add!  New to the forum and very happy with the DM10 X I found on Craigslist.  After a cross-country move into a small place, I havenít played in over three years.  Now that weíre in a house I sacrificed my parking spot inside the garage.  I would rather play my acoustic kit, but that wouldnít fly in this neighborhood. 

I was monitoring used prices of the Turbo Mesh kits (saw one for $200 and another for $250 go quick), and stumbled across this DM10 X.  Got it for $300 and I love it.  So far the mylar heads are not bothering my wrists.  Itís much better than the Yamaha DTXpress II kit I had a while back as well as the Dauz pads and KicKat on a homemade rack I ran through a MidiKiti to my HR16 many years ago. 

The issues Iíve had thus far are all minor.  I didnít like the module on the left side of the rack since I wanted to try to replicate my acoustic kit with three toms and a timbale near the hi-hat.  So, I moved it to the right side and had to swap some of the cables in the snake and add one of my own.  Iíve got the cymbal boom arms fully extended, I wish they were a few inches longer.  The bass drum trigger is quite loud as well, it really pops.   

Overall, excellent kit for me though.  Iím impressed with the module and the crosstalk technology is dramatically better than my two previous e-kits.  I love the ride bell trigger and the hardware is heavy duty.  I look forward to exploring this forum. 
Take Care--Ed

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Re: New DM10 X Owner
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Welcome aboard Ed!

You have a good looking set-up for only $300.00!

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