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New member to Alesis Family
« on: November 04, 2019, 11:59:40 AM »
Hello all. I just came across this alesis forum as I have been doing some research on e drums. I bought a DM 5 10 years ago and still works as good as it do when it as new. ( drum sounds are very out dated now) it was just for practice at home. I did end up doing a diy A2E conversion for the real drum sizes. I do play an acoustic kit at a small church. I also have an acoustic kit at home. I am now wanting to go all e drum now. So I figured with the track record I had with my very old DM5 Alesis is the way to go. I just ordered the alesis strike. After poking around this forum I do believe I can use it for home and Chirch. (Thank you Shawn for that). I saw a few clips of you playing your monster kit on stage. So now I wait patiently for my strike kit. OK maybe not so patient. Glad I came across this forum and hope to get to know you guys.
Had to sell a car for my Alesis Strike but Iím ok with it.

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Re: New member to Alesis Family
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Glad I was able to help influence your decision!  I am confident you won't be disappointed at all.  I constantly rave about my Strike kit, and I'd buy it all over again given a second chance.