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Dm10 Mesh Head Questions
« on: November 03, 2019, 10:59:19 PM »
Can I just change the head out on my DM10 kit? I'm a little nervous to mess with the wiring of the trigger itself I'm a bit of a noob. Has anyone done this?

Re: Dm10 Mesh Head Questions
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I have and I put rubber/foam drum muffs under them to protect the head and bottom plate/trigger. Basically take off old head, put drum muff in place then put mesh head over muff then put rim back on.

Works great, but not as quiet as a mesh/cone setup, but more quiet than the basic (mylar?) heads. Feel is decent too.
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Re: Dm10 Mesh Head Questions
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It's not as hard as it seems.  Just be careful of the piezo wire not to tug on it too hard when you take off the old head/rim.  It's attached to a metal plate and there isn't a lot of slack.  If you go slow it's easy.  I replaced my heads with mesh and I replaced the stock thin crappy foam with a yoga foam I cut out for 10" and 12" toms.  When you take it apart you should inspect all the other foam to make sure it is still in good shape.  If not you should look to replace it.
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Re: Dm10 Mesh Head Questions
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I actually love the mesh heads that came with my DM10X Mesh kit, so I ordered mine from Alesis. Only had to change my bass head since I didn't have anything but felt for my kick beater. Big mistake. I should have waited. That felt ate right through the head!

Changing the head was simple though. I was really careful, but confident as I got going on it.
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