Author Topic: How to add and place an LP mini everything rack onto Nitro mesh kit?  (Read 950 times)

Hi everyone I'm new to this community and to edrumming and drumming in general.   I was considering adding and acoustic Latin percussion LP mini everything rack and was wondering how is that best accomplished where to attach and best place the rack for a righty and wanted to know if anyone had done this or something similar and point me to the correct Hardware for best placement and adjustment so I don't block access to any parts of the existing kit.  I would ideally like to place this directly over the two Tom's but I'm wondering if this is possible and should I just place it over on the crash symbol pole. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated.  I know I can program some of these items into the ride cymbal but I'd rather leave it free and have an acoustic Latin rack instead.

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Re: How to add and place an LP mini everything rack onto Nitro mesh kit?
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Don't forget you can use any extra stands you want and it'll add to the coolness factor. I put my ride on a boom stand, makes the kit look more "acoustic". You might consider buying a percussion stand that has four or five points of attachment for cowbells, tone blocks etc and just place it wherever you can fit it in where you'll be able to reach it all.
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