Author Topic: I want to add a spare cymbal (hats-top part) as a Splash to my Strike Kit. How?  (Read 852 times)

Offline cleverest

I have an extra top hi-hat cymbal to use as a splash, and I bought a mounting arm and TRS cable, but I'm confused about what port to use on the module? Should I use Crash 2 or 3 or something else? Eventually, I will expand to the Pro-Kit-addon and will need some sort of splitter strategy but I don't need to worry about that now.  Any advice?  Thanks in advance.
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Offline Iggford

If you have Crash 2 or 3 open, you can certainly use either of those inputs.  The Pro expansion fills all the inputs without the need of any splitters.  I had Crash 1 as a Splash and 2 and 3 as normal crashes before I started adding beyond the capacity of inputs.  Now, I've added a China that I split and assigned to the rim of my Tom2 input (going from memory).

A good rule of thumb is to avoid splitting the cymbal inputs.  The results aren't as good as the Tom splits, as you usually end up with one pad that comes out with very low volume.