Author Topic: Can I transfer saved Custom Kits from Surge Mesh module to Pearl REDBOX via MIDI  (Read 969 times)

Hi Folks,
I bought the Surge Mesh kit about 4 months ago and I love the thing. However, I've since added a second Kick Bass, 10" floor Tom and 16" Ride so it's definitely not going to fit back into the box.

I bought a Pearl REDBOX because the unit was like new and I was able to get it for less than half price. I have it all connected and right now, I'm not overly impressed with it but only because there are so many settings to make before I can get going.

I've had it for two days and seems like I've been reading the manual before each button push because when I first spent hours to setup a custom kit I got it where I wanted it and then I pushed the wrong button or something, and lost it all.

The Surge Mesh was definitely easier to work with and I have yet to get any customized drums to sound the way I had them in my custom bank of the SM module.

I DID take the precaution of recording every Custom kit 's settings, (Pad heads, rims, cymbals, including each Utility setting). I used a video cam to do it and I even recorded the MIDI voice number that was assigned to each pad as well.

I have a USB to MIDI In/Out cable and I also installed a pretty good freeware MIDI program ("MIDI-OX v7.02" check it out!), that may let me do a transfer of the custom kits in the SM Module, to the Pear REDBOX but I'm not sure about that yet.

That brings me to my question; Does anyone know if I can make a transfer of the custom kit data from the SM module either directly to the Pear REDBOX, or to a saved folder on the computer, (Windows 7 64bit PC), and then to the REDBOX?

What I know about MIDI couldn't fill a shot glass but from what I understand, it's all data, (1's & 0's), so it would seem that I should have a way to do this because it's about computer data and product differences shouldn't be an issue.

Even if you never tried it, if one of you know who to do a straight-forward transfer procedure with a MIDI controller connected, maybe you can step me through it. I think it would be very similar and with the "MIDI-OX" software, it may even be easier.
BTW: Anyone who's thinking about buying a relatively inexpensive E-kit, but one that has advanced capabilities and can even satisfy expert drummers, the Surge Mesh is the one to look at.
Acoustic drummer for 45+ years. I got my first E-kit (Alesis Surge Mesh) in April 2019 and I must admit, they've come a long way since my last e-drum trial, (1982/83). For my purposes, (stay in shape, burn calories and stress relief), the e-kit is perfect but still won't replace an acoustic kit IMO.