Author Topic: Nitro Mesh HiHat settings  (Read 305 times)

Nitro Mesh HiHat settings
« on: August 25, 2019, 01:46:36 PM »
New member just joined...This hat controller/module is confusing me and I can’t seem to find answers in Net Land...nor the manual or one noted to be by a similar manufacturer.
I can get the sounds of closed, half-open, and open with varying intensity of the pedal. I can get the “chk” sound but the “splash” is intermittent no matter how I approach the pedal and differing values in the “S—S” setting. (Seems max 6 does make it sound at least some)...
Now that being said, my main problem is the volume of open sounds much louder, and at some point when sounding it and operating the pedal I can hear the pitch change of this normal? And is there a way to drop the volume of just the open hat?