Author Topic: Love my new Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit!  (Read 683 times)

Love my new Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit!
« on: September 14, 2019, 02:32:19 PM »
 Hello all,
   My name is Mike, and I am an electric guitarist just starting to take drumming seriously. This is the first drumming forum I have ever perused, and signed up for! I've been fooling around with drums for years, (since High School band) but have never had my own drumset until now. Previously I would just jam on my drummers kit, not particularly serious about being a drummer... (me being the lead guitarist and all..)
   I remember years back, maybe a decade or so (could even be 15 years), when the first V-Drums and the like were being released. I really wanted to drop 10 grand on the fanciest set, but didn't have the means! Here I am approximately 10-15 years later, and I've purchased a set for a fraction of the price of the "original" releases of e-drums etc. I have to say that I am getting just as much enjoyment from this $300 Nitro Mesh Kit, vs the $10,000+ V-Drums I played oh-so-long ago. I live with my parents, and drum in the basement, so the e-drums are a perfect fit. Also my music room is on the small side, 15' x 8' approximately, so it goes without saying how convenient this set is for me.
   I've had this set now for about a year and a half, but wasn't really inspired to get into forums etc until I made a recent modification: A second kick-drum tower/bass drum pedal! (exact same models that came with the original Nitro Mesh kit) I just soldered together a TRS to dual 1/4" adapter cable, plugged both kicks into the Y-Cable, and BOOM! DOULBE-BASS without having to pay almost as much as my kit for a really good double-kick pedal, and I don't have to worry about re-mapping anything! This setup has probably doubled my satisfaction when playing! (pun intended!) And learning double-kick is challenging in a way that I never imagined. I am extremely satiated!
   So here's a HUGE CHEER to Alesis for releasing an affordable, with true-to-life feel e-drumset to the masses! My favorite part is being able to hookup the set to my VST instruments! Addictive Drums 2 have become MUCH more addictive, I MUST SAY!!
   Thank you ALESIS for the opportunity you have given me! You've filled a hole in my life, that's for sure.. I had become to grow a bit tired of my guitar after playing for 23 years!
    Alesis for the win!
-Mike V