Author Topic: Would a Roland CY-5 work well added w/ Strike, Y-Split from a double-bass pedal?  (Read 796 times)

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Does this only work with a single-pedal set-ups or not at all? Anyone doing this?

- Brett

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I don't have the Strike, just a DM10, but I've split my kick jack with a y connector and definitely used my Roland CY-5 (had to set the trigger settings etc under the Kick 2 option). The only problem I found (which is why I ended up moving the splitter to one of my toms instead) is that the priority settings and some others were causing havoc.. since you usually hit your kick the same time you crash, the kick takes precedence and cancels out the crash hit.

Whereas if you put the splitter on a tom (I tended to use the lower toms) then set the rim to be your cymbal, you'll almost never hit the rim and kick at the same time. I don't have any splitters at the moment but when I did have a couple extra cymbals and pads, I would only set voices on the Kick 2 trigger as things like cowbells, congos etc.. so they wouldn't conflict with Kick 1.. does any of this make sense?
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I have a Roland CY-5 on my DM10 practice kit, and it works great with the Strike module.  I've got it split from a tom, though, because, as Alan said, you may run into issues if you try to hit the cymbal and kick at the same time.  One will cancel out.

There IS a way to split the Strike's kick input, though, as it is still a dual-zone input.  I did this to add a second kick pad to my DM10 and just use 2 single pedals.  The Strike kick pad is only single-zone, though, so just switch the cable out with your snare and use the note chase function to bring up the rim settings.  But, again, you may want to limit the rim sounds to something that won't interfere with your kick.

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Great info guys, thanks!