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Hello everyone! I just got my Strike kit and I'm loving it. (after optimizing I had some sensitivity and cross-talk issues at first, but it was all fixed via the module). I've been jamming with actual drumless tracks, and just learning how to operate the module in general, I AM an actual drummer and will play this kit primarily as my learning/real drum set; but that being said, I'm also a bit of a game-geek, and I'd love to combine my love for video games and drums occasionally and play some Expert Pro Drumming on RB3 and eventually 4... I'm waiting to buy an Xbox One for that reason alone.

Has anyone managed to get a STRIKE Kit specifically (or Pro version, but I don't have that one) set up with RB 3 or 4? 

If so, would you be willing to share what it takes, step by step?

I have a few hundred DLC from my early RB3 Xbox 360 days, and don't want to lose those songs switching to PS4, although I've heard that's easier...apparently you can't buy this anymore, they only made like 1k, and it's expensive when someone lists it for sale:

I DO have this adapter though:

BTW, I have the drumless video clips from Rock Band games from a lot of these songs from YouTube and that helps to learn the basic beats of a song while following along with a video, but it's just not the same experience as actually playing the game...

Any other way to get this working? either RB3 and ideally at some point later RB4? I know people got the DM10 working, but I think the Strike is different enough to warrant some help from anyone who has a Strike Kit instead to work with. At least i'm hoping. Thank you!

- Brett
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I don't know how to do this as I don't have an Xbox/PlayStation/wii, but if you have the wicker man by iron maiden in all of your dlc, could you make a good stereo recording of that drumless track? The only one up on YouTube is missing the rhythm guitar in the chorus and solo.