Author Topic: Is Anyone Using A Footswitch on the Strike?  (Read 450 times)

Is Anyone Using A Footswitch on the Strike?
« on: August 10, 2019, 11:28:44 PM »
I want to get a footswitch for the Strike to change kits up and down.  I know nothing about MIDI.

From the manual:

Note: You can send MIDI program change messages to your Strike module’s MIDI input or USB port. The
numbers of program change messages correspond to the kits listed in the current folder. Alternatively,
send MIDI CC #118 to increment by one kit or MIDI CC #119 to decrement by one kit.

Will this work?  Alesis Control hub:

If not, is there anything cheapish that anyone can recommend?  I also need it to be powered through its connection to the Strike.  I can't handle any more cables under me!  Haha, is that even possible?