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Back to drumming after a stroke
« on: July 24, 2019, 12:53:20 PM »
Eight years ago learned the hard way that I was not invincible. What is fortunate is that I was left with issues with my speech and memory. I am not hindered on either side of my person. Many times a stoke will leave someone with a diminished right or left side. I do not deal with that.

So, this new kit is part of my therapy  8) (If my wife asks ... it's the BEST DAMN THERAPY AROUND) and I'm looking forward to getting back behind a kit.

My history is like many. Played all through school from jazz band to marching band. I played a bit here and there once out of school and then kids showed up and I had to get jiggy with making the money. Both of my kids are in the music industry right now. My son plays bass behind a country band and my daughter fronts and writes blogs for a new label.

I picked up the Surge Mesh. I'm just gonna start from the beginning and practice practice practice.

See you about,

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