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Replaced Stock Shells with Wood Frame Drums Shells
« on: June 01, 2019, 08:11:24 PM »
For those interested in a way to deepen your shells, I found an easy solution. The first photo is of my expanded DM10X set with mesh head conversion. The 12” pads were deepened by creating riser pieces to place under the shell. You can see the white risers at the bottom of the 12” pads. I’ve been playing these with that mod for a couple years and the conversion works extremely well. However, I’ve been playing with the idea of finding some inexpensive frame drum shells to replace the stock shells and risers altogether. The only reason for this was pure esthetics. I just thought natural wood shells would look nice.  The second photo is the result. Not bad!

Here’s what I used:
12” maple shells:
(they do have a cheaper 2” deep shell, but I opted for the 3”.

10” maple shells:

8” poplar shells:

I was hoping to find some 8” maple shells but had no luck. These were the best I could find. I just ripped the head off and sanded them down a lot to get the finish off before finishing them with walnut danish oil. The maple shells are unfinished so I lightly sanded them and finished them with the danish oils as well. While poplar tends to not to stain as well, they still came out pretty nice.

The 8” and 10” shells needed an additional layer of 1/2” foam under the reflection plate. The 12” (3” deep) shells needed two additional 1/2” layers of foam. I used the same foam I used for my mesh conversion. I believe it is this stuff:
This foam has very similar properties to that of the stock grey foam in the drum pads.

As for playability, the kit plays just as well (maybe slightly better) as it did before. BTW, I use the three ply Prism mesh heads on these. My original conversion used Remo Silentstroke and I HIGHLY recommend going with the Prism. They’re not overly bouncy and trigger far better.
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Re: Replaced Stock Shells with Wood Frame Drums Shells
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When I made my shells taller on my DM10X kit my biggest problem was finding lugs the right length.. In the end the chap at DrummerBase suggested allen key bolts.. I have never looked back. They work great an are easy to get on an off with an allen key (or 2)

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Re: Replaced Stock Shells with Wood Frame Drums Shells
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Hi Dobly,

Oh yes. It was quite a challenge finding them! I did buy one set of allen bolts (after seeing your post) but later found a good source!
They're out of the UK but had free shipping to me (in the USA). The rods are very good quality and reasonably priced. I got the 80mm M6 rods for the deeper 2 7/8" deep 12" shells and they're perfect! You can see them in the photo on the 12" pads.

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Re: Replaced Stock Shells with Wood Frame Drums Shells
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Good find..

I'm am happy with my allen bolts.. The keys are cheap and everywhere.

Plus they sit in the allen bolt better than a drum key sitting on a lug. With 2 of them in hand I can whip off a head in no time.

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Re: Replaced Stock Shells with Wood Frame Drums Shells
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I just use bass drum rods for my snare.
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