Author Topic: Here's a glance at my kit DM10X Mesh X-tra cymbal pack with Sample rack + record  (Read 1240 times)

I wanted to post a picture of my hardware since I really do appreciate all of you contributing to this forum and I have not yet posted a picture of my goodies. I hope to expand again and of course keep practicing. So here's what I have to date 04282019.
Alesis 10x Pro Mesh Kit w/rack
Extra Cymbal Pack w/ xtra mounting hardware
8" Pearl tom dual Trigger with Mesh head
Alesis Sample Rack
Tascam Portastudio  -03SD
Regardss, Gerald AKA Casual_Insanity
Alesis DM10 X Mesh Pro, Cobra Roller Glide, Extra DM 10 Cymbal Pack,

Offline AlanK

Hi Gerald, what an amazing setup you have there! Looks excellent :)
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Thanks Alan, I no longer work because I'M out of work due to kidney failure so it takes me a little while to save up on social security to build up my set and acquire new toys. That's a big reason why I love Alesis because I can afford these. I relocated the sample rack below the DM10 module in order to get the Portastudio in closer and then I got the remote pedal for it. I'm doing some online composing with some guys I know and I can feed in the wav files and record my drums/percussion on the portastudio then master it then run it through DAW for them to add to their song all without ever needing to be in the same building.
Thanks for the shout out. Gerald
Alesis DM10 X Mesh Pro, Cobra Roller Glide, Extra DM 10 Cymbal Pack,

Very cool kit setup... I just Love it! I've been playing my DM10X Mesh kit in four hour live shows for two years straight now and I just love it! I'm still running the stock DM10X Mesh setup as far as number of pads goes... I am envious of yours Big Time!!! Love all those cymbals and that extra 8" is totally trick! It's the Sample Rack that gives all those extra pad possibilities then?

So Cool!

Cheers from Wisconsin!
Alesis DM10X Mesh

WOW!  So it seems the DM10X is the gateway kit for old farts who've been away from drumming and have decided it's time to go off the wagon!

Just turned 45.  Had my DM10X kit for a few months now.  Bought it second hand, and LOVE IT! 

Great lookin' setup, man.  Gives me dangerous expansion ideas that both my wife and bank account will not be pleased about ;)

All the best!
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