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Bluetooth MIDI
« on: March 07, 2019, 07:44:26 AM »
Just brought home a Crimson II kit with the intention of interfacing it to EZ drummer 2 then realized I have a new iPad and one of those Yamaha wireless bluetooth MIDI things. Anybody here try that yet? I am thinking the latency may be just too much to interface the module to Garage Band via wireless MIDI but was curious. I am new to e-drumming and well drumming in general actually. I played for a few years back in the 1980's but switched to guitar. Trying to knock the rust off what little skills I did have and get back into it.

Thanks for any info!   :)

Re: Bluetooth MIDI
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I tried a wireless set of headphones and the latency was way too bad.

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Re: Bluetooth MIDI
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As SeilorBird says, lots of latency.. I've tried bluetooth, just enough noticeable lag to be annoying but if you let your mind flow like a jedi ninja, you can eventually delay your playing to match up if the beat is constant. I also tried a wireless infrared line of sight type of headphone setup, even worse latency.. test lasted about 5 seconds and went back to my wired pair.
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Re: Bluetooth MIDI
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Guys, I don't think he is referring to "Bluetooth headphones"

I believe he is referring to "Bluetooth Midi". Devices like these:

Yamaha Wireless MD-BT01   5-PIN DIN MIDI Adapter

Hi Bob,

I have not tried wireless Midi yet. I'm actually going to be ordering one of these type of devices to try myself. I believe these type of devices only work with IOS right now (at least that's what I've read online). It's been a little hit or miss when it comes to working with MacOS.

Many bad reviews on these devices are by people who are not using IOS devices. Most of the good reviews are by people who are using them with IOS. I'm not sure if the Crimson II can change all of it's midi notes, so you might need a MIDI transposing software if you can't change some of your trigger midi settings. I haven't looked into it much yet. Let us know how it works for you.

BTW, welcome to the forum!
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Re: Bluetooth MIDI
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Hi folks ;)

I'm just sitting and playing in front of my Korg monologue which is transmitting MIDI over Bluetooth to my mac via a Quicco mi.1 adapter:

Keyboard demo with the marvellous Katsunori UJIIE (activate english captions)

I have some of them connected to synths, MIDI keyboards and MIDI hubs and/or MIDI controllers. Latency isn't higher than with a camera connection kit for some older ipads and it will be sufficient enough to play along some tracks in the rehearsal room. The only not so nice thing is that the DIN connectors are a little bit too wide for some in/out DIN port duos on other devices, but you could also use USB ports with an USB-to-MIDI adapter (see video).

I like them very much even after some years of use, they are reliable and sturdy and they don't cost the world 8).

The immanent problem with bluetooth devices, even with BT LE standard 4.0 and higher, is that many other devices with i.e. USB 3.0 connections could disturb the realtime transmitting stream until disconnecting. And just musicians are drowning in USB-3-devices :o


Re: Bluetooth MIDI
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I think this totally depends on what you're referring to. I use a lot of Bluetooth keyboards and I have zero problems. Alesis makes a wireless keytar that I zero-latency problems with. I would say to just research the instrument or device you're using and read user reviews to see if they latency problems!
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