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DIY Acrylic Cymbals
« on: March 13, 2019, 04:43:01 PM »
Good afternoon everyone, buddy of mine cut me some 16Ē diameter Acrylic to use as Cymbals. Iíve got the Nitro DM7X module. Does this module support multiple zones or only single zone Cymbals? Built my kit tho already looking to upgrade my module. Iíve already converted an Acoustic snare and did a DIY Magnatrackesque trigger direct on the Evans Soundoff Mesh Head and another on the shell of the drum. I also have 3 Pearl M80ís inbound to do the same for Tomís.

Thanks folks, figure best to ask if itíll work before adding 2 piezoís , I DID try plugging my dual zone Alesis snare into Ride 1 and Crash 1 and only got sound from head nothing from rim sooooooo thinking no but HOPING thereís a setting buried somewhere. Thanks again.
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