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Nitro Mesh Rim-job
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Hi everyone, I'm new here to the board and I wanted to share a fix to my frustration. I've had my Nitro for 6 months now and while I love how quiet it is one thing that irritates the heck out of me is height of the rim. It seems to me that the rim on the Nitro is much taller than the rim on mu acoustic kit. To see how much taller they were, I removed the rubber ring. then I took a measurement from the top of the rim to the mesh head. That distance measured 15/32" (11.9mm). When I measured the top of rim to top of head on the acoustic kit it was only 5/32" (3.97mm)! That's almost 1/4" higher than it needed to be IMHO. It also explains why I constantly was hitting the rim and had to hold my sticks different for the Nitro causing a significant slowdown.

The fix:

I gave my snare a quick rim-job :o ! I first removed the rim. Next I mounted it to a known flat piece of wood with the oversized lip facing up. I found the center of the opening where the mesh head normally goes and drilled a hole for a mount. I inserted a mounting bolt in that hole and mounted the whole thing on my wood lathe (yeah, you need access to a lathe for this fix and a metal lathe would be better). I then proceed to turn the rim and and reduced the rim by 10/32". I re-mounted the newly shortened rim onto the snare and verified measurements. Then I gave it a try. What a difference 30 minutes in the garage made! I can now play just as fast on the small 8" snare as I do on my acoustic 14" snare. Now to work on the 3 remaining toms  ;D

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Re: Nitro Mesh Rim-job
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Another option I've tried with my DM10 rack is moving the snare support arm closer to Tom 1 and attaching the snare pad on opposite side of its support arm. This should allow both pads to be tilted at a similar angle for required stick contact on their head or rim.
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