Author Topic: Alesis Pro/Strike 9-piece with Roland PDX Pads as HiHat/Cymbals  (Read 1097 times)

Alesis Pro/Strike 9-piece with Roland PDX Pads as HiHat/Cymbals
« on: February 26, 2019, 09:32:36 PM »

Just wanted to give an update as to what my finished Alesis Pro kit setup looks like using Roland's PDX mesh pads as my hihat, ride and crash cymbals.
As I had mentioned before, living in a condo on the 15th floor, I was looking at how to get my mesh kit as quiet as possible. I simply found the rubber cymbals were giving off the most noise, and because this kit was staying put and just my personal hobby, why not take away all the Alesis rubber cymbals and replace them with mesh pads?

I decided to sell a couple of my extra Alesis mesh pads and use Rolands PDX white mesh to distinguish clearly which pads were the cymbals.
Ends up I really prefer and like the response and feel of the mesh pads as my cymbals, and it doesn't take away at all the feel of playing.
I also like just how low and even across the playing area you can keep all the mesh pads, which makes for effortless reaching up to hit cymbals!

Hope you like the photo I've included.

Eric Heyblom
ALESIS Pro Kit w/upgraded Strike Performance Drum Module.
NO cymbals for precise quiet playability [2-Roland PDX-6", 1-Roland PDX-8"mesh pads as HiHat, Crash, Ride]. AKG K52 Closed-back headphones.