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Hello everybody..Im noob to the electronic drums..Im just want to ask how to connect my audio interface to use the superior drummer 3.I just recently brought behringer umc204hd.what else should I need? midi cable? and I just want to play along in youtube or mp3 using superior drummer 3 as vst.Ive tried asio4all but it will disable my audio device cant play along in youtube.


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Hey noobie, welcome to the forum!

My first response, yes, sarcasm on, would be have you searched for the online manual to get the instructions?

Ok, sarcasm off.. I don't use that vst, but I have Addictive Drums and an audio interface.. instructions came for hookup with both products I think.. and there are a ton of youtube how to videos. Generally you use a midi cable (looks like a printer cable) and once connected to your pc/device it shows up as a midi device or plugin in your software.

Also, if I recall, your audio on the pc will get disabled even with an audio interface's driver (but not on a mac I think). I think I've mucked around with the audio settings on my pc before to somehow make it work, may have been some setting along the lines of allowing the speaker to not be completely controlled or taken over by any one audio device, but I could have been medicated and it was all a dream.

Ultimately I tend to just have another player connected to the interface to play my music or videos, or I have a small mixer that I patch my Addictive (or your Superior) out from the computer to the mixer and then my tablet or mp3 player feeds into another channel on the mixer so I can EQ the two.. its actually a lot easier to make quick volume adjustments than trying to click on the volume of youtube or my vst on a computer...esp when you have a drumstick in your hand.. volume knobs or sliders save me from deafening volume changes between different recordings way faster than reaching for a mouse or touching the screen etc
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I have my DM10 connected to my Macbook with the USB cable. I use Reaper as my DAW software. I create a project, be sure to change the audio device here. Also, on the left menu, click Midi Devices and make sure the DM10 is enabled and recognized.

 insert a track, open the FX on the track and select Addictive Drums 2. You would be selecting Superior Drummer as your VSTi for the FX. Then start hitting your pads to see if you get a signal.

This link may help.
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hello thanks for the info..appreciate all your help..i will try what you said.hopefully this week i receive my a.i.. :)....