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New aDrums artist PRO
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aDrums artist PRO

ATV expands the aDrums line with the aDrums artist PRO Kit. They are hi-quality, six-ply maple shells, with hand finished bearing edges, and a flawless finish that is buffed to high-luster perfection. When complete, we install an advanced multi-sensor trigger array and proprietary 2-ply mesh drum heads.

aDrums artist PRO drums will be available in these sizes: 20 Kick, 14 Tru-Hybrid Snare, 8, 10, & 12 Rack Toms, and 14 & 16 Floor Toms.

The aD-S14AP artist PRO snare drum brings TruHybrid flexibility to e-drummers. Shipped from the factory with mesh heads top and bottom, this snare drum has a breather hole in the shell and a throw off with snare wires already installed. Swap the mesh for the acoustic heads of your choosing, tweak some trigger settings, and youre comfortably working in both the electronic and acoustic realms.

aDrums artist PRO Kits will come in Standard and Expanded configurations:

STD - 20 Kick, 14 Snare, 10 Tom, 14 Floor Tom - 14 Hi-Hat, 16 Crash, 18 Ride

EXP - 20 Kick, 14 Snare, 10 Tom, 12 Tom, 14 Floor Tom - 14 Hi-Hat, 2x16 Crash, 18 Ride

PRO Hardware: Single & Double Cymbal Stands, Pro Snare Stand

Note: Availability & Specification subject to change

8"10"12"14"16" toms and 14" snare