Author Topic: Using main and individual outputs on Strike Pro.  (Read 445 times)

Using main and individual outputs on Strike Pro.
« on: January 20, 2019, 11:10:29 PM »
Kind of a presales question here.  I'm a long time DM10x kit user and I'm thinking about taking the plunge on the Strike Pro.  As it stands, I use all 4 outputs on the DM10.  Main R has only the snare with some effects on it and main L the kick with some effects.  Aux R gets the toms and Aux L gets the cymbals. (obviously no effects on those)   I'm wondering if can do a similar setup with the Strike? (so minimal changes have to be made to the soundboard)   The manual states that the individual outputs do not get any effect processing, so is it possible for me to have only the snare on main out R and only the kick on main out L, then use individuals for cybmals/toms??  Perhaps a simpler way to ask: The DM10 lets me select the output for each pad/cymbal (main, aux, both)  Does the Strike also have this ability?