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Jobeky low volume hi hats with strike module.
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After experiencing the same frustrations as everyone else with the strike hi hats I went with the jobeky metal, low volume hi hats as my replacement. what sold me was they are a friendly,  local (to me) company who I could go and visit or contact easily with any concerns.
Anyway 6 months on I'm  still using them and haven't connected the old ones since even after receiving the updated spring.
No e hi hats can be perfect and there are slight issues to overcome with them in setting them up and dialing them in.
The edge needs a good crack with the shoulder of the stick to trigger and because it's metal and vibrates this is also followed by a bow trigger but this is actually more like the behaviour of a real hi hat to me.
Here's a video I made when I first had them,  I improved them since mainly by getting the closed sound exactly in the right place,  which it isn't in this clip.
It was also my very first attempt at combining seperate sound and video.
See what you think?
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