Author Topic: DM10 MKII Pro Already broken after 6 months!!  (Read 595 times)

DM10 MKII Pro Already broken after 6 months!!
« on: January 06, 2019, 06:09:06 PM »
Hi all,

Since may 2018 i'm the owner of a DM10 MKII pro and today one of the toms stopped working.
Opened the tom and one of the piezo's is broken, i think it's a bit to early. I'm not an hard hitter at all.
Maybe the build quality isn't that good as i expected, now i'm a handy guy and i ordered a bunch of 27mm piezo's already to repair the broken one and have some spare as well.
I'm disappointed at all, the build quality and the lack of support of the module, i want updated sounds and the possibility of buying extra kits and get rid of those strange hip hop and dub-step things. Planning to buy Superior Drummer or other software in the near future.
Am i the only one or are there more of you who has the same feelings?

Re: DM10 MKII Pro Already broken after 6 months!!
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2019, 07:57:26 AM »
I have only had the Studio DM10 MKII for a few weeks, but I agree with the kit assessment.  There are only a few that I like.  I am planning on sampling my 70's Rogers XP8 kit with all of my cymbals and hats.  Hopefully I can get that to sound better.