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New Member says hello
« on: December 14, 2018, 11:03:22 AM »
Hello. I live in Indianapolis, IN.  59 years old, just decided to get into drumming. I've tried keyboards, guitars, mandolins, over the years and they just never clicked. I  played trombone way back in high school.
I've always had a natural affinity for drums, playing the drum parts on the steering wheel in the car, etc.  I've wanted drums for years but never had the space or cash for them.
Now I do so here I am! I started with a standard acoustic drum kit, but it rapidly became apparent that volume was not going to fly in my small house. So I traded them in for an Alesis Command X Mesh 9 kit.  I have not seen any mention of the 9 kit anywhere on here, so maybe I'm the first?
Anyway, I look forward to discussions here.

Re: New Member says hello
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Hi  !!! Dire Wolf !!!!
How are you  ????
I was reading your message, Im from Brazil and  I am 59 years old like you !!!! Nice to talk to you here, I'm also new in this site, but  In 2016 I've got bought my first electronic drum set,  Alesis DM 10 Studio Kit, I took o lot time reading e watching videos from Youtube about settings of this module. But I really got understand it after a long time.  Are you experiencing some problem with it ???
My name is Olavo !!!  and accept my apologies for my poor English  !!! Right ???
Let me now if can I help you !!!
Thank you !!! Merry Christmas !!!