Author Topic: Alesis Strike ride cymbal not triggering properly  (Read 633 times)

Alesis Strike ride cymbal not triggering properly
« on: December 20, 2018, 11:48:01 PM »
Hello, all. I'm having an issue with the ride cymbal on my Strike kit. The bow and bell only trigger if struck hard with the middle of my stick, not just the tip. The edge triggers more easily, yet all 3 zones only seem to work in one small area, not spread out like normal. I did try connecting it to a Roland TD-11 module with the TD-11 cables and had no issues. I then tried connecting a Roland ride cymbal to the Strike module with the Strike's cables and it worked fine. Not sure what's causing the issue here. Yes, I have tried adjusting settings, but it hardly makes a difference. Please reply if you have any ideas!! I really wanna use the Strike ride!!