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Drum set cover
« on: December 17, 2018, 04:34:06 AM »
I bought an Alesis Command set about six months ago and I am loving getting back into drumming. I live in an RV full time that is permanently parked in Orlando. I am setting up a music room in my RV. I also have three cats that shed a little bit. I don't like cleaning my drum set so I decided to get a cover for it for when I am not playing. I searched on Amazon for fleece blanket drums and came up with this cool jem:

Only $16 and just the right size 50 x 60. I cut some small holes in it to make it stay put.

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Re: Drum set cover
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what an incredibly cool blanket and a great idea, love how you cut a few holes out for the posts to keep it on securely.. very cool :)
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