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Kick drum missing hits
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Hi guys,
        I've got a DM-10 on a Hart Dynamics 6 PC kit. And also a DM-10 studio kit. Both kits have a serious problem of dropping kick beats. I've adjusted everything I can adjust except the right thing apparently. Crosstalk, threshold, different mute groups....shut mute groups off ...I'm out of ideas....anyone wanna help a frustrated drummer. And as for the other threads on the hi hats..... I agree. It simply does not perform correctly. Yamaha's  hi hats are better....thanks in advance.

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Re: Kick drum missing hits
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Is the kick drum new or used?  I bought a used DM10 and after a short while, my kick drum started doing the same thing.....eventually it turned out one of the piezo wires was being cut.  When it finally severed completely my kick stopped working (obviously).

One way to help narrow down the issue is take a jack out of a tom pad that is working flawlessly and plug it into the kick and see if you get any missed hits.  If you do, good chance you have something wrong with kick itself or possible the wire for the kick.

You can rule out the wire but plugging your kick wire into the tom pad and see if you get the same problem using the kick wire on that tom.

Hope this helps.
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