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Strike it worthwhile?
« on: November 23, 2018, 02:52:01 PM »
I currently own the DM10X kit that I converted to mesh. I also have the DM10 Studio / Surge cymbal kit also converted to mesh. I have been watching many videos on the Strike Pro kit and of course, catching up on it here. Is the Strike Pro a worthwhile step up from the DM series? I have never been completely happy with the DM's.  Always had issues and have had to repairs and upgrades. Crosstalk issues and other settings have to be constantly messed with. I'm a do it yourself'er and have no problems going in and working on them. I'm just at a point of getting something way more reliable, playable and something that doesnt need to constantly be messed with. Would the Strike Pro work in my situation? Casual drummer here for 40 years. Occasionally play in a for fun band. Thanks in advance for any advice!!
  I would also like to see and play these first hand but cant find anyone that has them in a store setting. I'm in Mesa, AZ (Phoenix area)