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« on: November 02, 2018, 01:33:55 PM »
I'm finally getting back into drumming after being away for way too long.

I've decided that an electronic kit is going to be ideal for me. Initially the Strike Pro has grabbed my attention and is so far the forerunner on the shortlist.

Part of the reason of joining is to do some research and get some understanding of peoples experiences with the kit (and maybe try to understand why the Alesis hate from others).  8)

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I've been researching the Strike Pro for some time as well, mainly because a) the sounds are good, b) you get a lot of trigger sources: toms/cymbals and c) compared to other kits it's vastly cheaper. In the end I decided to convert an acoustic kit i have to an electric kit, convert the Zildjian L80's with triggers and use my old Alesis DM10 module as trigger interface. Probably will also get Superior Drummer 3 to trigger the sounds on my laptop. In the long run this will cost me half of what a Strike Pro will cost, but I will have the actual sizes of a real kit. If you don't have a real acoustic to convert, getting the Strike Pro kit can be a cheaper alternative.
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« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2018, 07:14:03 PM »
I got the Strike Zone kit which is 500 cheaper than the Pro, has only one 12" tom and 2 less cymbals.  ;)
Reason for buying it was I'm getting on a bit and was fed up of lugging my big old acoustic kit around, I wanted something smaller and lighter.  8)
So far I've only played the kit twice but I love the drums themselves, it feels like a real kit, unlike the earlier Alesis kit I bought which was all pads. (I sold that to a student at Glasgow uni who couldnt play real drums in digs...)
I admit though I don't like the rubber cymbals and hate the hi-hat...  >:(
I bought a set of Zildjian Gen 16 BBs and I am looking forward to setting them up... expensive but I tried them out in the store and they sounded great through the headphones.
There is not a lot of choice though its Zildjian or none... you pays your money and takes yor pick.
You can buy the module and sensors and fit them to L80s or even "real" cymbals (there's a Db limiter on the sensor to cut back the level from a real cymbal), how you fit the sensor though I dont know, do you have to drill a hole in the bell??? :-\
Anyway getting off piste a bit I love the kit hate the rubber cymbals.