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Compact ekit combo
« on: October 13, 2018, 05:59:13 AM »
Just sharing a compact ekit setup that should function Ok with most VSTs and drum modules with a Midi-In connector.
As my DM10 kit is packed away while selling my apartment, I've been having some fun playing a David Haynes inspired combo with the module triggered by a Korg padKontrol via midi. (

I've configured the 16 pads a bit different to DH with a useful layout to simulate fairly intuitive right & left side playing (as shown with the pads centered on the right corner arrow). There are 16 user Scene memories to save preferred pad layouts that can be easily selected and the included editor/librarian software helps edit and manage scene settings. (

Another option is the Akai MPD218 USB/Midi pad controller @ $99 ( that includes a preset editor and Sonivox Big Bang Drums & Cinematic Percussion virtual instrument sounds.
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Re: Compact ekit combo
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I Built this Micro Kit.

It fits in a golf club case for flying to one off gigs and it is great in an apartment corner.

The Cymbals are 8" Pintec Practice cymbals. I mounted the piezo and jack in a small project box and riveted them to the cymbals. I made the Anti-Spin posts from coat hanger wire that I bent and attached to the stands with tiny hose clamps. I glued mouse pad material on the cymbals to quiet them.

The Rack!
 I made this Triangular rack from an old yamaha rack, got the hinge piece off ebay (the whole rack folds up)

I cast up custom urethane rubber feet and the hinge brace

.I also used adjustable ball joint clamps for the drums

The drums are no name 8" and 10" toms I bought used. I cut them in half with a jigsaw and re-wrapped them with contact paper (Vinyl) for lining shelves. So I have  two 8" and two 10" I only have the to 8" toms and the 10" snare on it currently but I can add the other 10" tom as a "Floor tom"

I made the triggers from GoEdrum brackets off ebay, 35mm piezo's, some cut up craft foam letters from Walmart and foam golf balls cut in half. These are wired to 1/4" barrel jacks off ebay.

I originally used Triggera side mount triggers but they all failed within 9 uses, so I built my own

The heads are Billy Blast Ballistic 3 ply heads.

I lined the bottom of the cut off drums with rubber hose from autozone I slit it open and glued it on with e6000 glue

The Kicks are Iron Cobras with The Triggera Kick triggers. These Failed as well.  I bought another set. Those Failed, they sent me pre-wired piezo's to put in, those failed in a week so I took them apart and put in my own piezo's and wiring.
They work well now!

I want to make some lighter cymbal arms and incorporate choke on the crash and a bell on the ride.

I also built a Mini Kit as well as a full size 5 piece, I bought all the parts to make an acrylic mid sized kit with two bass drums and I am about to convert a Traps Drum set, did I mention that I don't play drums?.... I have a problem